Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Purse or Bag?

Purse or Bag? What do you think?
I started out making a purse and ended up with a bag. What's the difference you ask? I'm not quite sure. I do know that this baby can hold just about anything. I added some pockets because every good bag has pockets! I also added some wooden buttons and handles. The bag is made of heavy tweed material and lined with a paisley fabric and holds up nicely. The best part is that the fabric was on sale and SALE is my favorite four letter word. Although it didn't turn out how I planned, it is now one of my favorite bags I've made so far.


I'm trying to keep this bag in my possession, but Cory's had her eye on it from the day she saw it. We've since been shopping for bag supplies for her. I'm excited to see how her bag turns out. We'll see...

Oppurtunity Knocks

Or... maybe we knocked first...

Have you ever wanted something and wondered if you should ask? Well, I've learned that it never hurts to ask. Last week Kathy and Linda (aka. Soul Sisters) visited Race Horse Lane, a beautiful old house turned into a store in Midway, Utah. The store has a small cottage attached. As it turned out, showing our work, asking what was available and a little negotiation led us to now selling our wares in the small cottage during the Holiday Season. We are very excited to showcase what we've all been working on. After some hard work, here are some photos of partial displays we set up in the cottage. More photos to come.

Having worked through the weekend to get this set up for December has been fun, interesting, new and a challenge. Another opportunity we are looking forward to is 'Swiss Days' in 2009. We'll keep you posted as the cottage progresses and hope to see you soon! Pat

Friday, October 17, 2008

Abode Open Market October 11, 2008

Abode, a consignment store in Salt Lake, hosts an open market once a month between May and September. Abode decided to extend the market until October because it draws a huge crowd of shoppers. Word around town is this is the place to be!
These are some items I was selling on Saturday:
Hand Made Knobs
Jars- Hand Made Coaster Sets
Decorative Dishes
Hand Dyed Doilies
Hand Made Decorative Decoupage Tins and Floral Sconces
I look forward to Spring at Abode with better weather and a broader inventory.
Look for knobs at Whisperwood -131 North Main, Bountiful
Knobs soon to be sold through other locations. I'll keep you Posted. Pat

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Knobs, Knobs and More Knobs

Let me introduce you to my Knobs...nice, don't you think? Okay now, what did you think I meant by knobs? Naughty, naughty people.
I use glass percolator lids or any other glass container I find and I fill and design each one using hand mixed colors and various buttons and designs to compliment my color choice. Each knob is different and the designs vary and are unlimited...wherever my creativity takes me!

My smaller knobs are ideal for drawer pulls or just as a decorator piece. I hand mix colors for these too and keep finding many places for their use!
In the knob there a knob world? Looks like there is now! Use your imagination and see where they take you!These are just a few of the knobs in my collection that I will be selling in October at an Open Market at Abode Antique Shop - 1700 S. 900 E. I'll keep you posted on the date.
As before, I appreciate any and all input...Good night and Good Knobs!

New Hats...Old Friends Pillow

New Hats...Old Friends!

One day it dawned on Opal...She was no longer a B-Cup. Change, Change is good. (Yep, that's what someone said).

Pillow back with yo-yo
Pillow side detail with handmade yo-yo's

This is my attempt at sewing, beginning with pillows. My inspiration in detail is Kathy Rydman; an exceptional seamstress! These pillows have sparked interest in women who are members in the Red Hat Society and they are all about friends and growing old and the humor we can find in the process of aging...if we choose to!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Purses are like potato chips, you can't have just one!

Randi's birthday is the next day - thought comes to mind that I need to make her a purse; I had no pattern, a few skeins of yarn, a scrap piece of fabric and a purse handle. What am I thinking? Maybe the point of a day before gift, is that my best work is done under pressure (the story of my life, self-induced pressure) and just a thought in my head and Wa La! Purse finished, mission accomplished, family stressed but the project was a success - go figure!
The PAWsibilities are endless.

My Favorites...

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My Garden- My Passion

My Garden- My Passion
"Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds."

Art That Inspires Me

Art That Inspires Me
Title: Shopping Friends Artist: Robert Shields

Love and Family

  • I love my family - simply stated, but I absolutely love my family! My immediate family consists of David Kevin Willey or Kevin; the hard-working, talented, kind, generous, caring and loving man that I married...what was he thinking? Did I mention that I love this man? Yes, coveralls and all, it's all good! Randi Lee Willey, my oldest daughter is soon to be 28. Randi is beautiful, loving, caring, compasionate, generous, incredibly creative and great friend and daughter. Cory Lynn Willey is 25 and beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate, generous and creative, with a great sense of humor and a great friend and daughter. And then, there's Ernie. Ernie is soon to be seven years old, is spoiled rotten (no other way to be) and Ernie rules the roost. Ernie loves our family, or at least whomever he is with and trying to protect at the time. My family of origin is The Martinez Clan, which currently consists of 10; Mom, Kathryn M. Perez-Martinez age 80 and sisters and brothers ranging in ages from 59 to 45, some of us who are not quite a year apart from each other...what the hell were they thinking? They are from oldest to youngest: Eleanor Martinez, Sylvia Tuft, Linda Petersen, myself (Pat Willey), Frank Martinez, Jr., Alex Martinez, Alice Brandon, Felix Martinez and Rick Martinez (Father, Frank J. Martinez, deceased in 1999 at age 78 and Robert K. Martinez deceased in 1991 at age 34), making for quite an interesting life, to say the least, but I love them all and wouldn't trade any of it!